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BBC: Safe, secure and kitsch

Sweet dreams security
Image from Sweet Dreams Security website

From the BBC, an interesting story looking at the work of Matthias Megyeri’s Sweet Dreams Security:

“A German artist is trying to change the way people think about security, by replacing barbed wire with heart-shaped metal, and pointed railings with animal shapes. Matthias Megyeri… considers symbols of threat and fear, such as alarms and CCTV cameras.
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BBspot – New Starforce DRM Uses CD Made from Plastic Explosives

From the always excellent BBspot: ‘New Starforce DRM Uses CD Made from Plastic Explosives’.

“Not only does this protect the software from being copied, but it also prevents the copier from ever copying anything again. If we’re lucky we’ll also take out his hacker brother and maybe a few pirate friends too,” said Starforce director of marketing Simon Weasly.

Yeah, it’s satire; but it’s only pushing this idea to the next stage…