Another possible avenue for the Mosquito

Hot on the heels of the news that Cooper-Menvier/Fulleon is to take on global manufacture and distribution of the Mosquito, my server logs show that someone found this site through looking for mosquito download mobile phone free high frequency.

Now, he or she might simply have been looking for a ringtone that sounded like a mosquito. Or, more interestingly, a 15kHz+ ringtone specifically designed to drive away teenagers along the lines of the Mosquito device itself.

What would the effects be? I guess you wouldn’t know your phone was ringing unless you were in the age group that can hear that frequency range. But if you were to use it to drive away young people (for whatever reason), you could do it very discreetly. You could even keep the phone in your pocket, continuously playing the high frequency sound, to produce an exclusion zone around you. Like a portable hand-held sonic mole repellent, but for a particular age group of people against whom you want to discriminate.

Such an application has probably already been patented but if it hasn’t, it’s in the public domain now!


  1. ian whiteway

    My job as an Anti Social Behaviour Reduction Officer sees me looking on a daily basis at anything that can “do exactly as it says on the tin” “Mosquito” has been badged as a revolutionary new device that has been specifically designed to disperse groups of teenagers from loitering in areas that they are not wanted. With an effective range of between fifteen and twenty meters, the field trials have shown that teenagers are acutely aware of the Mosquito and usually move away from the area within just a couple of minutes. I looked into this great idea for an instant cure for a “youth anti social issueā€¯ It seems that there is a medical phenomenon known as presbycusis or age related hearing loss which, is the loss of hearing that gradually occurs in most individuals as they grow older. Hearing loss is a common disorder associated with ageing. About 30-35 percent of adults between the ages of 65 and 75 years have a hearing loss. It is estimated that 40-50 percent of people 75 and older have a hearing loss. According to The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, this begins after the age of 20 but is usually significant only in persons over 65. It first affects the highest frequencies (18 to 20 kHz) notably in those who have turned 20 years of age. It is possible to generate this high frequency sound that is audible only to teenagers. The Mosquito is essentially a sounder unit that emits a very high (ultra-sonic). The longer someone is exposed to the sound, the more annoying it becomes. Teenagers are acutely aware of the Mosquito and usually move away from the area within just a couple of minutes. Sainsburys are amongst Several big retail companies actively using the device and somerfield too are contemplating following. Indeed this week at the ACPO conference it is believed that ACPO themselves will endorse this as a great step in combating Anti social behaviour. But the Anti social youth make up 1.3 % of the youth population so is this unit blanketing and tarring all youth with the same brush. What about the young mum on her way into the shops to get a pint of milk, The law abiding trainee mechanic and the two college students aren’t all these affected too. I think it is established that this measure is effective but does it breach Human rights. Does this justify the use of such a tool and will it not just move the problem small percentage of youth into the dark alley where they can cause more alarm to the public. Should these companies not be looking at community unification and working with police and local communities in trying to find alternative places and funding for youth projects. Its well known that these companies thrive well in the communities where their shops are situated. I wont be advising anyone to purchase one of these and will be watching closely to see if a young person will be challenging the human rights issue. Ian Whiteway

  2. Anonymous

    The purpose of a 15+KHz ringtone is simple- a teen who has it can leave their cellphone on in class; when it goes off, the teacher (hopefully) can’t hear it. Unless half the class winces and the teacher sees the light coming from the phone…

    • mark

      So according to these teens, it doesn’t actually harm anyone just makes them uncomfortable after a while? Well what leggitimate person teen or otherwise is being discriminated against? Yes they suffer a mild discomfort if they loiter, but thats nothing to the suffering they inflict intentionally or not, on local residents where they loiter.

      What about those people’s human rights?

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