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BBC: Surveillance drones in Merseyside

From the BBC: ‘Police play down spy planes idea’:

“Merseyside Police’s new anti-social behaviour (ASB) task force is exploring a number of technology-driven ideas.

But while the use of surveillance drones is among them, they would be a “long way off”, police said.

“The idea of the drone is a long way off, but it is about exploring all technological possibilities to support our war on crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Note that “anti-social behaviour” is mentioned separately to “crime.” Why? Also, nice appropriation of the “war on xxx” phrasing.

“It plans to utilise the latest law enforcement technology, including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), CCTV “head-cams” and metal-detecting gloves.”

This country’s had it.

We’ve got Avon & Somerset Police using helicopters with high-intensity floodlights to “blind groups of teenagers temporarily” and councils using tax-payers’ money to install devices to cause deliberate auditory pain to a percentage of the population, again, whether or not they have committed a crime. Anyone would think that those in power despised their public. Perhaps they do.

Has it ever occurred to the police that tackling the causes of the problem might be a better solution than attacking the symptoms with a ridiculous battery of ‘technology’?


  1. JK87

    Oh, I get it…we should REASON with the kids? Tackle the CAUSE of them? They are kids!

    Oh no! They have some SLIGHT discomfort in their ears or are temporarily blinded! Oh, the humanity! That is this world coming to when our kids are subjected to some discomfort!

  2. Anonymous

    slight discomfort?,asbos and criminal records tarnish kids for life,think of thi s harsh drug infested world with empty headed celebrities talking of bling this or pimp that,which shapes the way children see the world,add to that poverty and being looked down on,parents must take responsibility too

    • Leave the kids alone…I’m talking about the teenagers now not young children…When you are young you have enough difficulties as it is…maybe some of you that support this type of nonsense have forgotten that growing up in this world sucks…especially now. You don’t realize the eventual outcome of this. These youngsters are gonna get pissed off at authority in general. Eventually they will do something stupid and probably get in serious trouble. They don’t know any better….they’re teenagers remember! I think parents should have to get a license to have offspring which would require training for emotional behaivor. lets teach people how to be less selfish and better caregivers. lack or loss of love for people makes a society full of less than productive persons. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Stop blaming teens for their parents mistakes.

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