Anti-perch spikes

Spikes near Edinburgh Castle
Spikes near Edinburgh Castle

These spikes on a window ledge in Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, look quite old. The ledge is steeply angled, so would be difficult to sit on anyway; if anything they’d make it easier actually to climb up to the window if breaking in were a concern. All I can think is that they attempt to stop people ‘perching’ on the ledge to rest for a few minutes – presumably this must have been a problem? Any other suggestions welcome!

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  1. No idea, really, but my curiosity is piqued so I’ll toss in my first impressions.

    Perch deterrent perhaps, but for birds rather than people? The ones I recall seeing around here were spikier, though.

    Some odd creative method of avoiding snow and sleet developing into thick sheets of ice on the slope?

    The shapes bring to mind grappling hooks and fish hooks as well, but then I may be thinking this because of their location/placement, and perhaps they actually look more like organic or floral inspired votive candle holders.

    How incidentally convenient for a bit of Christmas garlanding.


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