Unscheduled intermission

Dan at Tangerine, LondonI know, I know a third of all blog posts indexed by Technorati are “apologies for the lack of posts recently,” and this is no exception.

I haven’t posted on the blog in the last week, mainly due to being very busy with work – I’ve unexpectedly been back at Tangerine in London (left) helping out with research into future product segmentation in the mobile phone market, alongside work for an important long-standing client, while also being in the midst of moving to a new flat and sorting out everything that goes with that. Oh, and the PhD starts sometime in the next few weeks.

But I’ve had some great e-mails, comments and suggestions from readers (for which many thanks), so I hope within the next few days to get back to blogging and replying.

Please bear with me.


  1. Dan – lots of great stuff going on for you – very exciting. I’m making my first visit to London in 17 years in September, probably right when you begin school. I’m pretty excited about it, doing fieldwork for a new client, but maybe a pub meetup will be possible?

  2. Two questions:

    1. Why is the thing in the lower right corner of the image pixelated-looking? Are you engaging in something as rude and against your own apparent principles as censorship? I hope not.

    2. When will the comment posting delay be fixed?

  3. Dan

    It’s pixellated because it showed something the company is working on for a client, which is confidential. I could have just cropped the photo differently: would that have been an equal degree of censorship?

    The comment posting delay is simply because each page is now cached to reduce the load on the server; it’s separate from the comment moderation.

    P.S. Thanks Steve, I will be in touch!

  4. I wonder when people do not post for a long time why do they actually apologize for that, why do they waste one entire post just saying they could not blog

  5. Dan

    I can’t speak for others, but it normally takes me 2 to 3 hours to compile and write a ‘proper’ post on this blog, whereas a short post may only take 15 minutes; I don’t really see it as a ‘waste’ of a post.

    There are people (not many, but a few) who manually check this site every few days (as opposed to via a subscription) and it seemed considerate to let them know that I hadn’t disappeared.

  6. Confidential? Seems silly to me. It’s a leaflet-sized bit of paper, not sekrit battle plans for Iraq or the blueprints for a doomsday weapon. What consequences are imagined following from it being legible in your blog posting by the client in question? 😛

    As for the comment posting delay, you have not answered my question: when is it going to go away? Recall that it was a stopgap measure until you have a better fix for some problem or other. This means it’s temporary, which means there’s some future date when it will go away; I’d like to know what that date is, please.

  7. Your server is abnormally slow and intermittently timing out now. What gives?

    I think it’s high time you considered different hosting. Your current provider appears to be rather shoddy of late.

  8. Abu, that link is broken. It leads to some sort of login page, rather than to any kind of interesting content at all. Please repost with the correct link.

  9. Now one of the comments to this post seems to have disappeared! I don’t think it was one of mine, thank goodness, but it’s still disturbing. My guess is it was by “Abu” and contained a broken link, since I can’t find one fitting that description but I can find what seems to be a reply to one fitting that description.

  10. Dan

    Abu’s comment was retroactively removed by the spam filter (i.e. unpublished) since he/she/it then repeated the same comment multiple times on multiple posts and the profile fitted spam – which indeed it was, as the link was to some kind of Facebook application.

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