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Dove Cream Shower Motel EditionDove Cream Shower Motel Edition

The plastic* of this built-in Dove shower cream bottle I encountered in a Finnish hotel recently was significantly stiffer than the consumer retail version. The idea is that you press the side of the bottle where indicated to dispense some cream, but it didn’t deform anywhere near as easily as expected, with the result that the ‘portion size’ of the product was much smaller than you might dispense if you were at home.

Is this deliberate? The hotel wants to spend less on Dove, so it wants customers to use less of it, and the manufacturer obliges by making a bottle that’s more difficult to squeeze? Whereas with the retail version, the manufacturer wants the customer to use as much as possible, as quickly as possible?

Is it a similar (but inverse) tactic to the Lather, Rinse, Repeat effect?

Or am I reading too much into it? Is it just that the bottle is going to have to last longer, with multiple refills, so stiffer plastic’s used?

*HDPE, I think


  1. That’s ’emergency soap’, and thus designed to be awkward to use and as unattractive to the punter as possible.

    These days you have to bring your own bar to put in the soap dish (considerately provided), along with any shampoo, etc.

    If you want bars of soap provided for you then you have to go a little more upmarket. Such posh hotels are also less considerate to the environment as they don’t bother suggesting you indicate when you’re happy to re-use towels.

    I expect the plastic is a little more resilient because it’s expected to have to suffer harsher use. If hotel maintenance costs exceed the saving from not using bar soap (which also have costs) then hotels will soon revert. Unfortunately hotels probably don’t measure the impact on customers and cost in loss of repeat custom, though I suppose there are people out there that simply adore Dove shower cream.

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