Clearing the tabs


  1. Samantha

    That Rosenhan study is incredibly interesting; I recommend the Anton Chekhov short story Ward 6, for a similar idea. A classic example of why I got so disillusioned with studying Psychology.

  2. Of course, the danger with the anti-theft lunch bag, of the “unintended consequences” sort, is that somebody will see it and throw it in the trash!

  3. Johan Strandell

    “Opening Skinner’s Box” by Lauren Slater is worth a read if you’re interested in the Rosenhan study, it has a chapter about it, and Lauren Slater even tries to replicate it herself. I strongly recommend the whole book to anyone who’s interested in psychology.

  4. AC

    i like the idea of the flatshare fridge. as i run my flatshare website. It would be of great help for me and my flatmates.. i will also definitely recommend this to some i know who shares flat.

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