1. Tree Frog

    I admit: I don’t understand that comment. People apparently love that tower.

    I’d be ecstatic that my work got that kind of a response, even if it wasn’t quite as I intended.

  2. @TreeFrog I believe that quote is in response to the “women raped in elevators, children attacked by heroin addicts in the basement, and homeless squatters setting fire to flats were among the more lurid.”

  3. somnambulian pirates

    Context is required. Taken by itself, it sounds like an architect with a control complex complaining that his building has failed to assert his will on its denizens.

  4. muthacourage

    I don’t think you can ignore the composition of the social group (homogeneous, diverse, all middle/working class) or the social values (collective/singapore like koolhaas says in SMLXL vs aggresive liberal individualism as in thaterite britain) when designing a high rise, whereas other typologies and contexts might be more forgiving. Goldfinger made a good example of what not to do at
    Ttrellick Towers, but at the same time can’t be blamed for demographic shifts and socio economic forces beyond his control.

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