Another pig ear skateboarding control

A pig ear skateboard deterrent

Nothing special, just another ‘pig ear’ I saw the other day, fixed to a concrete wall to prevent skateboarders using the edge. A more interesting example and, in a similar vein, the Anti-Sit Archives.

A pig ear skateboard deterrent


  1. Anthony

    In my town, we went out one night, and chipped over 150 of these off ledges and redid any ledges that we broke with cement that actually looked nicer than before, so we could skate them. The will to skate with allways outwit and outperform the will of those that want to stop us.

  2. You broke these, and then replaced them with cement that looked ‘nicer than before?’…are you sure? I think that would be pretty difficult. Are you sure you don’t mean, “My vandal college friends and I went out drunk, broke some of these things off kerbs, causing loads of damage in the process. Then to top it all off we got some cement from Gav’s Dad’s garage and smudged it all over them, it was well reckless!”.

    “The will to skate will allways (sic) outwit”, but it seems your courageous, traditional, valiant game is being tragically scuppered by small bits of metal heinously appearing in surfaces everywhere, so why don’t you go and skate up the road outside your house rather than solid marble kerb paving?

    • Harry

      I bet you suck at skating and don’t get it that the road outside your house isn’t exactly primetime skate material. And calling skateboarding a little game, wow everything america respects is a fuckin game, baseball football golf whatever, stockmarket, olympics the list goes on and on. So stfu and at least we use little forgetten benches and rails that nobody uses anyways. Skating these thing dont even damage the ledge.

    • Harry

      It’s alright guys this limpdick is an accountant ahahah

  3. Another skater

    Skate the street?! You obviously are ignorant of what skateboarding actually is, and skate stoppers bah! at least Skater was nice enough to re cement the area. If your purposely gonna take time out of your life to mess with skaters we’ll mess back learn that now and your life will be easier.

  4. a skater girl.

    george ur gay skating is more than skating the streets u gota find stuff to skate thats wat its about and having fun and bein serious about it screw what people do to try to stop us whether it be posting signs or pig ears on curbs well always work around it and they dont do nothin so shut the hel up

  5. Anonymous

    why would people do this
    skateboarding is harmful in the right hands and if people are good enough to be grinding ledges then it should be fine

    so why put these in certain places

  6. mtrain0619

    lmao yeah skate and destroy… lmao, well i personally have never seen these but seriosly why r u all complaining? if i found these id be natas spinning, stalling and grinding on them! dotn destroy a nice piece of tech when the city supplies it for you. btw george, i understand your “concern” but seriously, no joke run of the mill cement IS actually better grade then what the cities use, sheerly because of financial reasons. whose to say these guys didnt actually do a good job? i bet they did, smoother more flush edges are better then jagged ones

  7. Skaters R Gay

    Grow up, get a life and get a job you long haired student fucks. You’re playing on a plank of wood with 4 small gay wheels on it. Kids on scooters have more ‘street cred’ than you lot. Skateboards should have been left in the 90’s when it was cool. Losers.

    • Harry

      yeah sheckler is a total loser right? he only makes like 10 million a year doing what he likes to do. It’s the dream, you’re probably a limpdick accounttant who fails in bed and your wife cheats on you with more exciting people, or you’re fat and just cant skate

  8. jd

    skateboarding in for children….grow up and respect people a litlle more.

    • nick

      i would like to see you try and skateboard. For children? no for everybody skating is a way of life

  9. Anonymous

    haha that guy at the top is probably the most moronic ignoramous ive ever had the displeasure of crossing in my entire life, i suppose he’d be quite happy to play football or golf in his back garden if someone dug up his pitch or course… HAHAHA

  10. skater

    dude in my town we clip locks of gates and skate over pig esars nd skate stoppers smash em with hammer and spray paint cop cars

  11. Frequency

    I used to skate back in the 90s.. The skaters now have no respect whatsoever. It’s not the fact that grinding damages the surface, it’s more the fact that the skaters leave trash etc lying around and blatantly vandalize property. They even have left trash ON a trash can before. The whole ‘screw the system’ mentality died years ago, so why try to keep living it???

  12. getalife

    I have no problem with skaters if they would just have some respect. Go to a goddamn skate park or skate in your own parents driveway and leaving other peoples property alone.

  13. Anonymous

    dude. get over it, talkin HERE of all places isnt going to stop a single thing.

  14. skater

    every won thet has somthing agenst skaters we dont heve a skatepark or somthing so a skate the streets here and al the ledges i can find

  15. Anonymous

    skate stoppers are pointless skaters always find a way around stuff like this, the more people try the more of a challenge it is, and people who try to rebel are drawn to skateboarding so stuff likr this will just make them mad. And a skate park isnt an end all solution to skating the streets it can make it better but no matter what we are going to go back to spots.

  16. sponserd skater

    go out with some friend grab some crow bars and hammers take them off the nice marble ledges the one you dont have to or have to wax a lol and only take 30 feet of them off or less

  17. sponserd skater

    oh and im respect full getalife when i skate stairs i let the person go up befor i go and i say hi how are you and shit

  18. Anonymous

    yo this for all the people hating on skaters..skating is the sickest thing to do with ur time and george shut up you punk
    “get a life” if you want respect you gotta give it just becouse we skate in places that robocobs dont like us skating in doesnt mean we dont have respect i bet half the people that are bitchin about this are a bunch of middle aged twits that get payed to tell skaters not to skate the property!

    anthony i woulda done the same thing and who cares even if you were drunk it only makes the job more fun
    im gunna go skate now so peace out and stop hatin on us for doing something we love to do

  19. Anonymous

    I work at a place with a brand new building with some, I’ll admit it, sick ledges, but the fact remains that you’re fucking up someone else’s property. Would you want someone else to ride their mountain bike over your skateboard? Stupid example, but it’s the point that matters. You are still fucking up someone else’s stuff. Go fuck up your own shit.

  20. Anonymous

    lol i saw someone grinding on a ledge with pig ears – when he got to one he just ollied over it! besides if u get rubery enough wheels u can just go straight over skate stoppers! lol. Why does every 1 seam to hate skateboarders. i skate but i’ve never vandalised i pick up litter. i was skatin with my my mate who does rollerblading and this woman stopped and payed him a comment then glared at me! People say skaters have no respect for people, People have no respect for skaters! WTF?

  21. Anonymous

    call this number for bam margera he gave it to me,i live next to him, 325-365-5367

  22. Jay

    to all the skaters who are trying to defend us and starting with “george fuck you . . . ” or similar.

    your intentions are good but you are the people who give skaters a bad name.

    Anti skate measures are anoying; But if you guys were any good/had any sense you would work around them not just smash them off with a “skate and destroy” attitude.

    Why on earth would anyone want to build anything proper for skaters to use when all they do is vandalise areas that local authorities have put a lot of time and effort into?

    In my opinion the attitude of the majority of pros these days seems to be “skate and create” and they revel in these new challenges. Daewon Song being a prime example of this.

    Skateboarding is supposed to encourage creativity and skill; not this outdated “anarchy” attitude.

    If skaters go to the places that the local councils designate or even better begin to develop an area of their own backs away from where local authorities consider it dangerous to other people or detrimental to public property, then the authorities are much more likely to spend money on that area to specifically meet the skaters needs. I’ve been skateboarding for 9 years and studying design at Brunel university for 3 years now an i have seen this happen in various places around london and my home island of jersey. Meanwhile-2 in londons royal oak is a prime example of my point.

    The skaters didn’t ask permission for that area, they just began to build apon it. As it was not causing any problems the authorities decided to invest some cash and turned it into a proper (admittedly small) street course.

    Its certainly better than nothing.

    so to all the skaters who narrow mindedly post “hey you non-skater suck my dick” or anything else so ridiculously rude for no good reason. Remember with every comment like that you help to fritter away any chance that skaters might be trusted not to behave badly in public. use that energy to go learn a new flip trick, or build somthing that you can skate with out vandalising somthing else.

    I think we should update the old cliche that “skateboarding is not a crime” to say “skateboarding is not a crime but intentional vandalism is” maybe that way skaters might gain some kind of respect amongst the public for the true skills they posses rather than being considered a nuisance because they go into an area and ruin it.

    open your eyes to the world around you people and maybe the people around you will open their eyes to what skateboarding really is.

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