New, more concrete opportunities

Tower A, Brunel University
School of Engineering & Design, Tower A, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex.

After a month of lifting and shifting boxes, frantic cleaning, driving lots of different vehicles, and dealing with bureaucracy, I’ve now moved house and started my PhD at Brunel; with broadband now set up, and enough space to sit with a laptop amid the not-yet-unpacked boxes, I’ll hopefully be able to get back to regular blogging. Many thanks to everyone who’s sent examples and comments in the interim.

I now both live and work in semi-Brutalist structures; it’ll be interesting to see what effect that architectural influence has.

The generally poor performance of this site over the past couple of months (database queries timing out leading to blank pages or internal WordPress error messages) has been frustrating and I will be moving hosts at some point in due course. There may be some redesign or at least restructuring of certain parts of the site too, as already the PhD has made me think somewhat more analytically about how to classify and explain methods of control and ‘design for behaviour change’.