Making it easy

I have a blog post up at Guardian Sustainable Business, looking essentially at what’s been referred to here previously as ‘enabling‘ behaviour change, specifically in the context of sustainability.

It’s only a short article, and barely scratches the surface of the subject, but I hope it adds a useful contribution to the Guardian’s sustainable living strand, much of which seems to focus on ‘selling sustainability to consumers’ rather than actually trying to understand the nuances of why people use energy and create waste in the ways that they do in everyday life. Hence, you’d be right to surmise that I’m not entirely comfortable with the “…green behaviour…” bit of the title: it introduces particular connotations that are not really what the article is about.

The article was commissioned by Autodesk, whose Sustainability Workshop team offer some excellent resources for designers and students — e.g. these videos on life-cycle perspectives and other concepts relevant to product designers. Last year the team ran a Design with Intent workshop.


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