AcrossRCA Seeing Things: introducing the week

We now have a diverse group of twenty students, from 12 different RCA courses, from all six schools, signed up for Seeing Things (28 October – 1 November). The programme we posted earlier in the summer has changed a bit (see below) though the overall pattern of the week is similar.

Our challenge over the week builds on the ‘energy visualisation’ aspects of SusLab to explore visualising, or making experiential in new ways, a broad range of hidden patterns in everyday life, relating to either human behaviours or environmental conditions. The interests, expertise and perspectives of students from many different backgrounds and creative disciplines will, we hope, enable a really interesting set of outcomes.

kestrel01 polargraph
londonscape acoustics

We’re also delighted to welcome four wonderful guests, who are all doing intriguing things with visualising, translating or making tangible different kinds of data and patterns:

On Friday 1st November, from 4-7pm, the students will be showing the results of the week’s project, at a reception in the Senior Common Room of the RCA, to a range of external visitors – if you’d be interested in coming along, please email or


Day 1: Monday 28 October

Lecture Theatre 1

10.00 — 10.30     Welcome and Introduction to the project (background to SusLab)

10.30 — 11.00     Student introductions

11.00 — 11.15     Break

11.15 — 12.00     Seeing Things — examples to consider

12.00 — 1.00       Lunch

1.00 — 2.30         Guest Speakers

2.30 — 2.45         Break

2.45 — 3.30         Group discussion with speakers

Red Room, Stevens Building

3.30 — 5.00         Introduction to sensing kit


Day 2: Tuesday 29 October

Red Room, Stevens Building

10.00 — 11.00     Continued introduction to kit and forming groups

11.00 — 12.30     Discussion of initial ideas with Dan and Flora (in groups)

12.30 — 1.30       Lunch

1.30 — 6.00         Begin project work


Day 3: Wednesday 30 October

Continued project work all day

2.00 — 5.00         Project tutorials with Dan, Flora and Simon


Day 4: Thursday 31 October

Continued project work all day


Day 5: Friday 1 November

10.00 — 1.00       Continued project work

1.00 — 4.00         Installation of finished projects in Senior Common Room

4.00 — 7.00         Presentation of work and drinks